Box Condition & Style Rating System

 This is a guide to assist you in understanding what defines our box condition and style rating system. 

These are only examples as every box is unique.

We only sell New, Genuine OEM printer supplies and components and we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our products.

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Retail rated box is perfect & factory sealed: A box that has no labels, tape or tape residue. No writing or marks and no dents or tears on the exterior of the box. FACTORY SEALED

(C) rated box is still in pretty good shape: A box may have small rips on the exterior, small dents on the corners and/or labels that have been removed incorrectly. 

(D) rated box has many more rips: A box that has more tears than a (C) rated box, labels that have been cut off, large writing on the exterior, large dents and/or possibly holes in the box.

(F) rated box has been previously opened but the contents inside are sealed, perfect and unused.

(PG)  rated item (called a PLUG) is an OEM cartridge sealed in the bag, bubble bag or bubble wrapped for protection W/O the original box. These units will be packaged within a plain brown box.




**HP products sold are without HP warranty. We have no affiliation with HP, Inc. and are not an authorized reseller.