About Us

At T3 we've made printing sustainable and practical since 1997, connecting organization’s across the US to T3’s local printing supply recycle and resale program. 


Our mission is to reduce electronic waste (e-waste) caused by rejected printing supplies that may have a dented or dirty box, a previous style, or maybe even no box at all.


Through our custom full service program we help establish partnerships between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufacturers, schools, universities, commercial businesses, and nonprofits, encouraging organizations to buy, sell, and consume these misfits as they are still perfectly usable, genuine, new OEM certified printing products.


Not only do you recoup important funds for your organization, but you also increase its sustainability practices, recover lost assets, and turn it into usable cash. You can’t beat that!



Our certifications:


California-certified small business (#30811)
ISO 45001:2018 & ISO 14001:2015 certified
Sustainable Electronics Reuse & Recycling R2 Standard v3 (R2v3)

While we do carry perfect, new boxed products, it’s our local recycling and reuse programs that are our top priority – because who needs the box anyways when you’re going to throw it out?


We also offer great deals on new OEM surplus printing products for our customers, helping organizations reduce back-office costs by responsibly reusing and repurposing printer products.


If you want to help create a better environmental footprint and reduce e-waste, don’t hesitate because it is quick and easy. We are excited to build relationships with our customers as they strive for sustainable printing solutions!


T3 is committed to helping make Earth a little greener, one back-office at a time. Saving money and the planet never felt this good!


**HP products sold are without HP warranty. We have no affiliation with HP, Inc. and are not an authorized reseller.