Happy New Year!


Greater opportunities, brighter promises and abundant success, health, and happiness.

We at T3 wish for you to have all of those things and more!

Make each new day exciting and prosperous.

Start your new year off by clearing out your storage areas.
Why wait until Spring?

We will purchase your over stock, freight distressed, expired, open boxed, out of box supplies, clearance, obsolete products or supplies that are just not needed due to printer upgrades or ordering too much stock.

Let us help you recover lost assets from all of these products!

Choose to receive a check for your items or receive a credit to purchase new supplies. We have everything from A-Z! We will always beat the big box stores. Even better, you could choose to donate the value to your favorite non-profit or school!
Pretty groovy, right?

For example:

Let’s say the products we received from you are worth $500.00. Instead of receiving the cash value, depending on what items are in your lot you could receive a credit value of between 25%-50% MORE to purchase new office supplies.

It’s a win!

For more information click Here for Surplus items, Here for used items, call us at 916-851-1099 or send us an email