T3 Wins Award

In September, T3 was thrilled to be awarded with the Sustainable Business of the Year award in the Solid Waste Reduction category. On September 10th the Sacramento County board of Supervisors presented us with a certificate recognizing our efforts. Then on September 19th we participated in the awards ceremony and received our award.

We are honored to be acknowledged for all of our hard work and dedication to reducing, reusing and recycling.

For more than 15 years T3 has been committed to sustainability, keeping waste out of landfills and promoting awareness of reducing, reusing and remanufacturing products that still have a lot of life to give.

We not only recycle but we can create new revenue streams for everyone from small to large businesses, State and Federal Agencies to Universities, schools, churches and non-profits.

T3 has taken the responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the products being sold. In fact, this year we became R2 and ISO14001 certified to solidify our commitment to our environment, the safety of our employees, the security of data and the final disposition of products and equipment. It’s a pretty big deal!!

In 2012 T3 kept 90 Tons of ink, toner, media and E-waste out of our landfills. We keep all of our recycling and remanufacturing right here in California, keeping jobs here as well as lessening our carbon footprint.

We are proud to be a part of this community and love to give back as much as possible.

It is our belief that sustainability is no longer just a morals-based question. It’s  imperative for every business that intends to thrive and grow in the years ahead.

Thank you BERC , Sacramento County and to all of you who support us in our efforts to protect our environment and help other businesses prosper. 

Cindy and the T3 team

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